About Us

It's a curious thing how a scent can trigger an emotion or memory, and how we associate certain fragrances with seasons and events.

We feel there is something special about combining your home fragrance with a warm, relaxing light. 

Whether you like your home to filled with designer scents and perfumes, or fresh clean fragrances, or perhaps you like comforting cosy aromas that for you make your house a home - it is our aim to provide you with a high quality home fragrance product that meets your wishes.

At Lucent Aromas we handcraft our products in our home to provide you with luxury scents in yours.  

We are a small family business that use natural, eco-friendly products and aim for sustainability without compromise to quality.  

All our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.  Our packaging is recyclable, reusable and some parts compostable.